City of Temples

Luang Prabang is Laos’ spiritual and cultural capital. To this day, the historic town provides a sanctuary to saffron-robed novices and monks from around the country. The monks’ alms ceremony and chanting punctuate the town’s daily rhythms, now as much as it has for centuries. With their stunning golden spires, handpainted murals and white washed stupas, Luang Prabang’s 33 temples exhibit variations of Lao, Thai and Khmer architecture. Each has it’s own remarkable history, some dating back hundreds of years, others resurrected after being burned and pillaged by warring kingdoms. Stroll the old town’s narrow, brick-lined alleys and sidewalks and explore them all, stop in to listen to monks chant and discover the town’s rich, spiritual legacy. With its spectacular glass mural walls, Wat Xieng Thong is a UNESCO recognized heritage building. Wat Mai, near the Grand Palace, houses the ‘Phra Bang”, the town’s spiritual icon, a Buddha image that endows Luang Prabang with its peaceful and tranquil ambience and creed.

Luang prabang Temples